Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Travis & Kristen Lange Wedding Reception - Salem, OR Wedding Photographer

Kristen & Travis are two people who really struck me as young spirited and ready to have a great time. The two lovebirds had recently been married in Arizona where Kristen is from, and after packing up all her gear and moving over to Oregon, they had another reception to celebrate with all the folks that weren't able to attend their wedding. Luckily Travis's parent live on a beautiful property with this great open barn that we had the reception in. I had visited with Kristen over the phone briefly before meeting her on the day of, but in person I really got to see how sweet and generous she is.

It was a last minute booking, which really is a great way to keep you thinking fast and on your toes! When I arrived it was apparent I wasn't the only one dodging around like a busy bee, all the family was working hard to get all the elements of their reception just right in the hour left before the guests arrived. I almost thought I had the wrong house when I pulled up to piles of bark dust, tractors, and handfuls of guys in Cascade Paving outfits manicuring the lawn. Apparently that's just how the Langes roll. An hour before and all is chaos, but somehow they pulled it all together and the reception was beautiful! Isn't that how weddings are though? No matter how much there seems to be, it all gets done in the end.

The planning and decor was done by the fabulous Ashley Nicole. I just loved all the cute details, especialy the hand made table clothes!

I really enjoyed getting to know the family and was so thankful to share the evening with Travis & Kristen!

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