Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Why The Chicken Crossed The Road

So last Friday was an amazing day, full...but lots of fun. I headed up to Portland around lunch time to get my assignments from Willamette Week Newspaper who I'm interning with. I was given 4 products from different stores to photograph for an article that features local products. It was pretty basic because the products were going to be stripped from their background and put onto a white background.

After I was given 'the list,' I grabbed a map, plotted my course, and Farley (my volvo) and I were on our way to a bustling downtown. The theme was keeping warm, and as you may agree, long-johns are a classic remedy for the chills. Now these in particular were HUGE!!! They must have been 6 feet long!

[[[my favorite part may be my loafers on the bottom, I love these shoes]]]

Another assignment I got was to photograph the CommonWealth Building located on 6th Avenue. I wanted to give the images a little something extra, so I waited till sunset, got lost, stayed lost, then the sun was completely gone, and I finally found it. Needless to say improvisation forced me to do nights and let all the pretty lights burn in and the blacks be as empty and engulfing as they wanted.

I finished my assignments around 6, headed back to the car and drove to Tigard where my good friend Ashli lives. I think I got off the coach once in two hours, and that involved beef jerky. I was resting up for an adventurous evening with my girlfriends, sure to involve lots of dancing, our tradition. This photo was taken at Bar 15:

Now I have to explain this one...I know it's not that great, but these six feet danced harder than anyone in the place. We like to go and just get in our own little world where the surroundings, social expectations, and 'being smooth/hot/cool/' make way for some good, clean un-abandoned fun! I think we scared everyone, but the dance floor went from being completely empty to packed within 2 songs of our ridiculousness! It was one of the best nights ever! And who said you need alcohol on a friday night to have fun?...please! give me Ashli, Rachel, a DJ and a dance floor, and I'm set!

And here's Toben, he gave us a free ride to our car. I love the cool people you meet, and the strong community I feel in Portland, like everyone's pulling for each other to succeed.

Two amazing girls! ^ (Ahem, young single men!!!) ; )

Over and out.

Tasty Recaps Of November

I took about 7 seconds to come up with that title...I guess I used the first two things that came to mind: recaps; these are overlooked or just goofy ones specifically from this month, and the one I'm looking at involves me happily drinking a warm pumpkin spice latte. Ummmm, just feel the warm goodness of rich seasonal delight sloshing in your mouth and rushing down to satisfy even your November chilled bones!

Ryan's hand+coffee below...I think he got the same, he relies completely on me for my coffee smarts.

And after we were completely warm and eager to search, we hit the local thrift shops in search of Moccasins for him. Pretty sure at the end of the day I acquired some new sweaters, this really awesome monochromatic yellow wall drawing/collage thing, and an old Polaroid camera...oh, and he got nothing. OOoooops!

I tried to get him to buy these.


Now these two were in the open building. My last posting had one or two from this spot...the one with the two florescent lights in the pitch-black room. Really cool location, I'll have to visit it again!

Couldn't decide which photo I liked better, but I got my hair dyed in this building for $20! Way to go student hair dressers!


For those of you out there that only like summer, who live in California, or furrow your brow when it's cold and foggy out, let me remind you why I think you're wrong:

(Oh, and keep in mind the "warm goodness of rich seasonal delight"),

That about wraps it up. Thanks for enduring my Tasty Recaps! Sorry there weren't more food photos, I guess the title is a little misleading but hey, I only had 7 second to figure it out. ; )

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Downtown Salem

It had been a week since I'd taken photographs for myself, and the cloudy skies and crisp fall air were just begging to be recorded. I love going into these adventures without a plan or agenda. I prefer to react to my senses and capture exactly what I feel in that moment, or perhaps something I want to feel.

I took these two from the ground to stabilize my camera for the longer exposure.

Inside a phone booth.

This above photo reminds me why I love fall, the fresh cool air complimented by an array of warm colors.

These last three were taken in and on top an empty parking structure downtown. I was instantly attracted to the two florescent lights inside that illuminated hints of the interior, and the sound of rain water dropping on the pools of stagnant water.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Last week I wore tank tops and shorts in the warm 90 degree sun of Arizona. I flew over Tuesday to help my oldest sister Carli and her family pack and move back to Oregon. They've been greatly missed for nearly 2 years now, and I couldn't be more happy to say they are here for good. I'd hope so after a 26 hour drive on two days of nearly no sleep or break. Anyway, Here are some photos from My time there!

Isaiah's best friend Jenna helping him dig to Oregon, his favorite thing to do at preschool.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Sarah & Andrew - Salem, OR Photographer

Sarah & Andrew were married about a month ago, and I did some post wedding photos of them here in downtown Salem at Pringle Park. It went so well, and what better to compliment two warm people than the colors of fall that surrounded us.

Luxe Event Productions Preferred Vendor

Luxe Event Productions Preferred Vendor
Luxe Event Productions Preferred Vendor

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