Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Some Time Has Passed = I've Neglected You

I realized today it had been awhile since I blogged. Turns out I haven't had as much opportunity to shoot lately :( , so there's not been as much reason to post. But I scrounged up a couple snapshots from that last week or so.

Friday Ryan & I went to the beach. It was a beautiful day, 65 at the beach! I worked a half day, so we headed up around 1:30 and arrived about 2:30. (WHAT? only an hour?...I love Oregon!)

Here's a few pics of my goofball:

and us :)

Ryan moving the log for us to rest against by the fire.
(Which by the way was a disaster! We were smoked out BIGTIME!)

These next ones are in my neighborhood.

haha, how cute.

Monday, February 9, 2009

To Grandmother's House I Go

Sunday I visited with my Grandma. We had chicken/black bean salad, guacamole, bread imported from Germany, and warm fresh coffee and berry crisp to top it all off. She's looking to move, downsize a little, and needed photos of the house. Here's just a few, I thought I'd show this interior work as it's different from the usual portraits I put on here. And staying with the goal of any true personal blog, it's allowing you a peek into my everyday life.



living room


What Do You Love Willamette Week?

I had no idea a person could love a miniature chair, toy plane, Obama, even a zoot MP3 player with Red Vines, but the folks out at Willamette Week Newspaper aren't your regular crowd. Friday I had the task of photographing all the employees, (or the ones that showed up) with something they loved. It's for an article they're gonna post online, (love going along with the theme of Valentines day), in hopes that readers will be inspired to send in pictures of themselves with something they love. It's not up yet, but I'll try to remember to link to it here when it is.

Here are a few of the photos. Real basic, nothing fancy about the composition, but I like some of the expressions!

Exciting News coming tomorrow!!!

Brand Spankin' New Website!

Guess what? My new website is online, completely redesigned, new galleries, info, soooo purty! I've included here a couple screen captures, just a sneak peek but I encourage you to follow the links to my site. It's been a process getting everything put together, but now that it's done I'm very pleased.

If you'd like to know more about having your portraits or someone special's done please drop me an email:
I'm now booking for March-on, and offering discounts to family & friends.

Also, if you refer a friend you'll receive a complimentary portrait session, at no cost ($100 value)! Ask for more details.

Hope you all enjoy any bit of sunshine you can find!

~Spring Portrait Package details coming soon~

Luxe Event Productions Preferred Vendor

Luxe Event Productions Preferred Vendor
Luxe Event Productions Preferred Vendor

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