Thursday, March 25, 2010

Shabby-Chic Desk Makeover / Salem, OR Photographer

Does anyone else find thrift-store shopping therapeutic? You know, you hit up Value Village on your day off, pick through their shelves filled with dirty nick-nacks hoping to find the vintage camera you oogled on Anthropologie's website last night. Do you ever do a happy dance when you score a major find at a crazy low price, and tell all your friends at least 3 times? There's something so satisfying about the pursuit; like a treasure hunt. Just talking about this is making me want to hit up a nearby second-hand shop. But how could I share MY amazing find with you if I did?

It was about a year ago I found this little bed stand table (the only 'before' photo of it I could find) at Value Village right off 25th & Mission Street. It was $9 and I scooped it up after noticing it's rustic knobs and all the intricate detailing on the drawers. That was back when I had my 89 Volvo Wagon that could hold anything, it looked like this:

I finally got the motivation to give it a new paint finish which I feel has improved it's looks by leaps and bounds! Ryan and I sanded it down and gave it two coats of April Mist 450E-2 Behr paint. To complete the vintage look we roughed it up with sandpaper and carefully took razer blades to the edges.

Isn't it CUTE! Ryan and I love it. Partly because it cost us under $12, partly because of it's shabby-chic look we (or, I) adore, and mostly because it was home project where we've gotten our hands dirty. Things just mean so much more when you put a little sweat and labor into it. I've always looked forward to 'making a home' with my husband, it's so grand to see it all come together!

What does this have to do with photography? Nothing. But it has everything to do with ME, who's behind the camera. I like to share little pieces of who I am and inspire YOU to get creative, think outside the box, and hit up your local thrift store. Happy shopping, and be sure to share your best find and favorite place treasure hunt.


Katelynne Lowensen said...

You are just as cute as it gets. I love you ashley :)

ashley sturm said...

hehe, thanks Katelynne. You know you're pretty cute yourself!

Josi Bunder said...

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