Friday, April 9, 2010

DIY Bridesmaid Invitational Present

Today's entry is for all those who enjoy getting crafty! This particular project could be used for a variety of occasions from birthday to wedding favors, thank you's to x-mas presents. I used it as a way to ask my girlfriends and sisters to be my bridesmaids for my wedding.

I knew I wanted to make my bridesmaids feel special and pampered, and first impressions are everything, right? I decided to ask each girl individually to be my bridesmaid by offering them a cute little gift, something I would make.

After talking to Misty, my wedding planner from Luxe I was inspired to do something with a cupcake in cute packaging. I headed off to Michaels craft store to purchase all the materials and returned home to put everything together.

Here's What You'll Need:

(Calculate each item X the number of recipients.)
Small Kraft box
1-1/2 ft strip of 1-1/2 inch ribbon
6 inch strip of 1/4 inch ribbon
2 Tags each (I used some cute vintage ones made by Martha Stewart)
Computer paper
Cupcakes - I choose cupcakes but there are many other items you could choose like cookies, jelly-beans, figurines, etc.)


1. Cut all your ribbon, set aside.
2. Assemble each box.
3. Separate the tags into two piles; one for the name and one for the message.
4. Punch a hole into the name tags.
5. Punch two small holes 1/2 inch apart on the message tags.
6. On your computer type out each individual's name and space apart by 2 inches. Do the same with a message you want to share. Print and make sure the sizing will fit onto your tags.
7. Glue the printed names and messages into the tags.
8. Take your 1/4 inch ribbon poke through two small holes on your tag with the message, and tie into a small bow.
9. Glue tag with message to the bottom of lid (what faces you when you open it).
10. Place your present inside the box and seal with 1-1/2 inch ribbon. Take the name tag and bring the ribbon through, sealing it with a bow tie.
11. Cut out a heart shape on a patterned paper and glue to the front of the box.

I hope you enjoyed today's entry, do you think you may use this idea on the future? What for?


joyq said...

OH how I love this post! It is beautiful to read and look at- I am thinking about modifying these for a kids birthday...??

ashley sturm said...

Ooooh, kids birthdays would be perfect! It's an easy, cute, and affordable way to present a gift.

june arras said...

I love the tag idea! They turned out beautiful! Congrats on your engagement.

When I got married I used a 4x4 box, put tissue paper in the bottom, made a "thank you" poem and rolled it like a scroll, went to winco and bought those mints that are pink, blue, and yellow with the sprinkles, wrapped in saran wrap then tulle, put in box, wrapped box in beautiful wrapping paper, then tied with a ribbon. I placed at all the place settings at my reception.
I think it cost like $85 for aprox 140. The boxes, tissue paper, wrapping paper, and ribbon I got from but I know that Roses paper products in salem sells similar items.

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