Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mckenzie Carter / 2011 Senior Rep / Salem, OR Senior Photographer

Mckenzie is my first Senior Rep for 2011. I've had lots of applications coming in but this girl not only turned hers in first, I was very impressed with her application and how seriously she took this opportunity. I'm still accepting applications and most likely there's still a spot left at YOUR school! Download your application here and be sure to shoot me an email or comment here if you are planning to apply!

I want you all to get to know one of the new faces of Ashley Sturm Photography, Mckenzie Carter. I've had loads of fun becoming acquainted with this bubbly, energetic, intelligent teen.

Here are a few fun facts about her:

• Some of her favorite clothing stores include: Nordstrom, Buckle, Charlotte Russe, Forever 21 and Maurices.

• Extra Curricular Activities: Volleyball & Basketball.

• I asked if she had a style her peers want to emulate, here's what she answered:
"If I had to put a label on my style it would probably be sassy, fun, confident and girly all mixed into one."

• She plans to pursue her degree in Business and after college open a boutique shop in Portland or Seattle, and eventually bring her own line of clothing into the shop. (How cool is that!)

She looks stunning in this shoot above.

These are the 4x6 promo cards I ordered her, aren't they cool?

I don't think either of us can wait for her Spring shoot in May. We've begun planning all the fun details and I'm sure it will involve color, fashion, and just the right amount of 'edge'.

Once again, I'm still accepting applications for 2011 Senior Reps so if you're currently a Junior and think you may have what it takes, download the application and send it in today!


Katie Anderson said...

Oh, wow. Sigh! I love her red hair against the teal background. You've got a good eye!

So this is Bliss said...

Oh Katie! You beat me to it! I was jsut going to say I love her hair. I like the curl and the color! Such a pretty girl. Ash, they look good and I like the entire package you offer them for being a rep. I would like to hear more about how you pulled all the giveaways together. :o) Great Job as usual. ;o)

Gina Emerson said...

Beautiful work Ashley! I too love that striking contrast of her gorgeous hair against the backdrop.

ashley sturm said...

I just about died when I saw how her hair popped against the green background! Let me indulge my nerdy self and comment that when two contrasting colors, in this case red & green are put together it causes our eyes to do jitter, or move slightly side to side at a rapid pace, thus the wow eye-catching contrast.

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