Monday, October 27, 2008

beach day + good snack day + ryan day = good day

Last Wednesday I escaped the little town of Aumsville with my friend Ryan at my favorite beach here in Oregon, Neskowin. Maybe it's the fact that it's not over-populated, maybe the creek that winds around the 'little mountain' into the gushing ocean, or perhaps the memories from many visits past. Anyhow, I spent half my time there taking photos, thank goodness for understanding and supportive friends. Speaking of which, here's a photo of just such a person and me, one of the last pictures I shot off before we retired to a warm crackling fire to cook hot dogs and use a whole container of lighter fluid.

Now I'll track to the beginning and work my way back to this lovely sunset! Here's the 'little mountain'. We sort of climbed it, but my bare feet did not agree well with the jagged rock and poky barnacles.

Me on the rock, taking some self portraits/killing time/mustering up the courage to continue the hike.

I do love photographing my feet, how original, right?

I realized after taking this one below the footprints were really seems it should be human feet as it leads to people in the background. Oh well, I still like it.


We had tons of beach days!

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Trevor M. Lee said...

haha, I like taking photos of my feet too, I don't know why? But I really like the photo where the water is flowing over your feet and I like the island pics.

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