Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Brent Copple - Salem, OR Senior Photographer

Clouds and naked branches were the first thing I noticed when I stepped out of my wagon Thursday afternoon. With camera in hand I began investigating what interesting places may avail themselves to my photo shoot with Brent, my cousin, who was on his way. Minto Brown is the name of the park with naked branches, but can I blame those branches after suffering the last 5 months a harsh winter (at least according to Salem weather) and a drawn out cold front? No. So I went along with it and embraced the colder, skeletal, more vulnerable side of Minto Brown, no fake smiles, no shows, just the park at it's most basic form. In the same way I hoped to snatch something deeper than just a nice smile from Brent, I wanted to show you something deeper about him, who he is on the inside.

We trekked around from here to there taking photos as we went and every once-in-a-while there were moments of sheer vulnerability in front of the camera; unguarded, un-posed, real moments, the ones we photographers live for.

Here are the photos:

2nd favorite ^

#1 Favorite!!! ^



Ryan said...

I played an important part in this photo shoot, as I was the one who got to carry Brent's clothes around everywhere. He didn't even ask me if it was alright, he just started draping them over me. What a jerk!

Float Away Productions said...

Hahaha, sorry Ryan. Now you know how the wardrobe people feel like.

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