Monday, January 18, 2010

Felicity / Newborn Photography / Salem, OR

I am well aware of my overuse of the word cute in describing something or someone. Anyone who reads enough of my blogs will notice I use the 'c' word heavily, and I think it's high time I expand my vocabulary!

With that said, this precious little girl Felicity was a show stopper at 16-days-old! I kept thinking how darn adorable she was the entire shoot, and how she was the spitting image of her parents, Ben & Lena. If I had a top ten cute list, she'd be on it. OK, I said it, but honestly, there are too many things in this world that deserve and demand the description of cute. Like Felicity's teeny-tiny fingers and pursed lips in this first shot! Gosh I can hardly stand it!

I've learned in doing newborn shoots that they run the show, and all it takes to get those adorable shots is plenty of sleep-inducers (aka feedings) and patience. This little gal took a while to warm up to the idea of laying naked in silly poses while I snapped her picture, but eventually we worked her up to it. I'm so thankful she's got two awesome parents who trusted and allowed me to take part in such a monumental time in their life.

Congrats Howden family for the arrival of such a beautiful girl! Blessings, peace, and the hope of a full night's sleep to you!

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