Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What Do 4 Children, Fresh Cabbage Salad, Vintage Coolers, and the Virgin Mary Have in Common?

Well my weekend, of course. And now I'm stuck on where to start. At least it grabbed your attention!

Fridays I usually drive to Portland, Oregon to shoot for Willamette Week Newspaper who I'm interning with. They give me different assignments each time, this past Friday I shot a bar for their "Club Listing" and products for their weekly article called "Consumer Whore." I know, another attention grabbing word. Haha! Virgins were the theme of the products I photographed. (Hmmm, kind of an oxi-moron; whore, virgin!) At this point I just need to put the words sex and FREE in a sentence and I will have every eye-catching word to ensure you read this!

Ok enough of that, thanks for humoring me! Before my diversion, I was shooting products that revolved around the theme of virginity, though not in the sacred stoic way many of you may be hoping. I think it's next week the article and photos will go up, (www.wweek.com). May not be for everyone, but read at your own discretion.

(hmmm, one of the products, a chastity belt. My job cracks me up!)

The 'club listing' assignment sent me to NW Portland to a funky/homey bar called Saraveza (www.saraveza.com). Definitely want to go there again! They had these huge Vintage Coolers along the walls & all the table & counter-tops were made with beer bottles, covered in a clear plastic substance. Here are some of the photos I took there. They're pretty dark, best I could do in the low lighting.


At the beginning of my Friday I shot for NorthWest Palate Magazine (www.nwpalate.com) at a little cafe/restaurant called Evoe. It's part of Pastaworks, a fancy grocery place with lots of pasta-type foods (or at least that's what I gathered). The two owners, Kevin & Peter were great and allowed me to shoot for an hour, and Kevin even fixed me up a Cabbage Salad!

And to come to my final topic, 4 Children. On Saturday I mustered up all my wits to photograph the watson family, 2 of the 6 total are over the age of 7! We met at Salem's Bush Park and spent about an hour trying to capture some special memories for such an amazing family. It was crazy/fun/draining, but I thoroughly enjoyed it! Take a peak at these, aren't they sooo cute!?!





over and out.

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