Sunday, December 14, 2008

What Makes Me Warm and Fuzzy

One time I had to wear a cast on my left leg, and when I took it off, I found a smaller, whiter, hairier version of what I remembered it to be. I was 12. I was devastated. So that's one thing that makes me warm and fuzzy, casts. BUUUUT, that's not what I was going for when I wrote the title. I'm thinking more Christmas time, family, baking, get-togethers...perhaps I should have said what makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

Yesterday was a good day. We had a cookie baking day, we being my sisters Sally, Tieren, and Carli, her two boys Zeek & 'Saiah, my mom, Sally's sister-in-law Carol, my Grandma, and our friends Eileen and niece Shanika. We started it off with Carol's skillet scramble and Eileen's cinnamon rolls...YUM!

Here are some pictures of our 'naked' cookies.

gingerbread men
in the oven...oh my!
Afterwards I followed my poor little nephew around with the camera until I got these:

Totally worth it!

And here are the finished christmas cookies:

So that was my morning/afternoon. Yet the response to christmas hadn't been quite fulfilled that day. No, I had a light parade to attend. I've made an effort to go every year for the past, oh, 5 years? It's kind of lame, but the fact that it's a tradition makes it compensate for the lame factor. Didn't really get any photos of that, but I did get a few of me, Ryan, and Shanika at La Perla Mexican restaurant in downtown Salem. Here we are!

Notice how ryan's head looks detached from his body!

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