Monday, December 28, 2009

Briggs Brill Wedding / Salem OR Wedding Photographer

What better time to share Racquel & Casey's August wedding than the end of December? The past 6 months have gone by so fast, and although I'm incredibly grateful for all the business and busy-ness I've had, it's nice to have a little pause. The flurries of preparations for family gatherings and holiday events lead to one grand pause...a moment to sit back and savor all your hard work has accomplished. With my family the 'savoring' definitely involves food, not to mention meaningful fellowship shared over coffee.

I see weddings being very similar; lists of to-do's and carefully detailed preparations that make up one monumental event shared by all the people closest to you. Hopefully at one's wedding they have time to sit back and savor the fruits of their labor; friendships they've invested in, family they've loved and supported, and one big bash to bring them all together.

Racquel & Casey's wedding was just such an occasion. I love my family and the closeness we share, and that's something I noticed about these two families right away. The best part was they pulled this wedding off with little planning time and a budget, and look how amazing everything turned out!

Their color scheme was a vibrant orange and teal with coral accents. The eclectic table settings surrounded by lush gardens supplied the wedding with a fresh, cheery atmosphere that complimented the bride and groom well.

First look.

Casey's mom.

Crazy guy on the left is Nolan, Racquel's son. Definitely NOT lacking in spunk!

Racquel's grandparents and great aunts and uncles = adorable!


Hyer Images said...

Hey Ashley, I was looking through your blog and your work is awesome! I love the lifestyle feel that you have in the images. They all have a sense of happiness which is addicting. The photos above with the bride in the mirror are fantastic! Take care

ashley sturm said...

Thank you so much!!! You're words are so encouraging and I couldn't think of a better compliment than addicting happiness! Back at ya, I've been loving your works lately!

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