Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sally Metzger / Salem, OR Maternity Photographer

How do I begin to say how much I love this woman who has made such a big impression on the very fabric of who I am? Sally is my sister by blood, but she's my friend for life. I thank God everyday for the closeness my family shares, and Sally is part of this wonderful family. She may claim the woes of the middle child, but man did she turn out cute, with a wonderful husband (seriously the most romantic guy I know) and as you can see, a baby!

Sally and I have been through a lot together, maybe that's a silly statement considering we're sisters, but we have. I've been overseas with her 4 times, one being when my family lived in Poland when I was 8 and she was 10. The other times were China and Kosovo, as teenagers on short term mission trips. Three years ago in 2007 we ventured into a very unknown place, Massachusetts for college at the Hallmark Institute of Photography. It was 10 months of brutally hard work, and even worse weather. The snow and ice were nothing short of evil. I hate the cold! Somehow we managed to get through all the experiences together, in spite of the 100 ft stretch of slippery ice in between the car and apartment. When I think of the most challenging times in my life, the moments that molded and shaped me the most into who I am, Sally was there. I can look back now and realize how much I appreciate her.

Sally is now a mother to Sailor, who's almost one week old today. She's an inspiration to me, another woman who is selfless and bold enough to step into the world of motherhood and love someone more than yourself. I think of moms and realize I can be pretty selfish. She's already such an amazing mom to Sailor who was born last Sunday. She doesn't know it yet, but Sailor's got an amazing family and awesome life ahead of her! Oh, and a really fun aunt who will slip her candy when mom isn't looking!

Today as you enjoy your Super Bowl Sunday maybe you're with friends at a bar, maybe you're enjoying family and a food-filled house (me!), maybe you could care less and are watching I love Lucy at 3PM on the Hallmark channel (shameless plug). Whatever you're doing, take 2 minutes to think of someone who has made an impact on your life, and tell them how much they mean to you. It does the soul good to love and appreciate others.

Love someone today, and enjoy these photos of my adorable sister Sally! I'll be sharing some photos of Sailor's first hour in a few days!

See what I mean? SO CUTE!

target plaid top + great-grandma's quilt = pretty priceless!

I love you Sal-gal!


Sarah said...

Gorgeous pictures Ashley! Congrats Sally, you look so happy and I am so happy for you!!

Christen said...

AHHHHHHHH!! I love! Black and white looks good on Sally!

ashley sturm said...

Thanks ladies, she was a fabulous subject!

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