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The Story Of Our Engagement / Guest Blogger on Luxe

I couldn't be more excited to share that I am guest blogging on the ever so cute Luxe Event Production's Blog. If you're wanting inspiration, tips and the scoop on local wedding buzz, Luxe is the place to go! I'll be sharing twice a month about my wedding, beginning to end, so you can read here or head on over to Luxe's blog for my story and a whole heap of wedding ideas!

I am so thrilled to share my personal journey of engagement, planning, and how I, with the amazing help of Misty with Luxe Event Productions pull it off! I’ve got all sorts of blog subjects in my head, and all are geared toward inspiring, uplifting, and equipping YOU as a bride in training to have a fabulous wedding, and enjoy the process right along with me. I’m like you in many ways, anticipating that day I’ve dreamed of all my life, but wondering how the heck I’m going to pull it off (on a budget) without stressing myself and those around me. I’ll be sharing twice a month on Friday, and am of course available by email for any questions.

My advice is to pause, fix coffee, take some deep breaths and use this time as a relaxing indulgence!

Here’s a shot of me minutes before the proposal.

This photo of Ryan I took last summer.

So a little back story on me, how I met my fiancĂ©, and the PROPOSAL! Ever since I was three I’ve dreamt of my wedding, renaming myself ‘fancy-girl wedding girl’. I am now grown up and a full time photographer, running my business, Ashley Sturm Photography here in Salem, OR. I love my job mostly because of the people I get to meet and their stories I tell through photography. I adore art, coffee, deep friendships, and my family is as good as it gets! I have unruly curly hair, a love for good food, too many gray sweaters, and I rarely read, which is lame.

Ryan and I met through a mutual friend, and despite our ‘just friends’ approach, it become apparent after spending over 3 months of coffee, movies, thrift store runs, photo trips, and one amazing beach day that we were perfect for one another. We’ve been dating now for a little over a year, and engaged for about three weeks!

Ryan couldn’t have picked a sunnier, more happy day to pop the question. I had wanted some updated photos of myself to use on my website, so we trekked out to the field next to my house and started doing what we did from the beginning, capture memories on camera. It’s crazy now to look back at those photos and think I had NO idea he was about to propose! We had finished our little photo sesh and I was ahead of him, carrying some props when I heard him say, “Ash,” in a bit of a shaky voice. I turned back to face him and he was on his knee with all his emotions and love for me bursting from his face. I knew, this was it. He fidgeted to get out the ring while telling me what a blessing God has given him in me, and tears were flowing from my eyes.

These are moments after he proposed, so special!

I couldn’t imagine a more special, intimate way to ask me than this field, next to my house, which we’ve shared so many memories in already. I said yes. : ) It felt amazing, like the happiness I felt Christmas morning as a child.

Take a look at my beautiful ring he picked out...couldn't have done any better!

So here I am, gushing and telling my story but I know mine’s not the only one.

How did your man pop the question?

Have you started planning?

What’s the most exciting and most scary part of pulling off your perfect day?

Share your thoughts and let’s walk this journey together!


Christen said...

I love that you captured some of that day on film. You guys are hott. Haha. But really.

ashley sturm said...


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