Monday, January 12, 2009

Isaiah Meets Science Heaven

This Saturday Ryan & I took my nephew Isaiah up to Portland to OMSI, the Oregon Museum of Science & Industry. It was my Christmas gift to the smartest, cutest, funniest 4 ½ -year-old I know. It was such a blast, the entire time he was dodging from one thing to the next, soaking in every dinosaur fossil, slithering snake, bear cave, earthquake house, spaceship...I think he was in heaven!

Portland's about an hour drive, and 5 minutes into the drive he was wondering if we were close. I figured we better play some road games to keep his curious excited mind occupied, so I-spy was our first route. Then he wanted to play his own game called doodle doodle. Every time one of us saw something interesting, we yelled, "Doodle," and to find out what was so interesting, we had to respond with "Deedle." I would highly recommend you try this; it's amazing what you can convince yourself to get excited about!

such a classic Isaiah face! haha.

He kept throwing this 'yoyo' at me, sooooo sick! It's one of those creepy stretchy toys that just look like a germ mine. Lovely!

I love seeing his curiosity and excitement, in fact, I'm a bit jealous of how much he admires and appreciates every-day little things. At one point he was crawling around in the little cave with some other kids, and they were pretending to be squirrels, throwing toy acorns in the air yelling, "Acorn!" I began to wonder at what age we become conscious of ourselves and how others perceive us. Here was Isaiah crawling on his knees, yelling ridiculous words, and bumping up against all these kids he'd never seen before that cave encounter.

What I'm getting at it I'm jealous, jealous of his abandonment, constant awe at life, and curios sponge-like mind. Isaiah, I wish I could be more like you!

gotta love the environmental shot by the men's bathroom!

looking at all the snakes, bugs, turtles!

I love this one above!

After their magnificent puppet show of ferrets!

(this doesn't look like me, it's weird.)
And here we are in all our nerdy glory about to do a science project!

What a fun day!~

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