Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mike & Sally - Salem, OR Photographer

This Sunday I had the amazing opportunity to photograph my awesome big sister Sally and her husband Mike. We had a great time, 36 degree temperatures aside, full of laughter, excessive smiling, and multiple outfit changes. She too is a photographer (www.sallyphotography.com) with beautiful portrait work.

We met at a local park, River Front, one of the only ones left with green grass. (I have to mention Ryan came along and did the honors of holder the reflector, nice touch I might add. Thank you!) The park itself isn't all that interesting, so it really forced me to be creative with my backgrounds, surroundings and angles. In the end though I am very happy with my work, and excited to share it here with you!

!!!Click on each individual photo to see a much bigger, lovelier version!!!

I really love the colors in this one, but especially those funky dead plants around them!

Haha, classic Sally face!

OK, good story behind the next two. I thought it could be cute to have them run towards me in so I could get something upbeat, exciting, split second-perfect. After suggesting this they both looked at me with furrowed brows and poo-hood about the whole thing. Good thing I didn't listen! Five runs later and here's what I got:


Love this one (above)!

They are adorable together, they really love eachother to pieces!

What a great shoot, thanks so much Sally & Mike!


Katelynne Lowensen said...

ok so i absolutely love the first one =). so cute love them

stephonix said...

i love the last one...awesome. (c:

christen said...

My gosh. These are inspiring. Really, Ashley. Inspiring. They look so great together, and you captured it. Nice work.

ekboom said...

You're really getting good at this whole picture taking thing!

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