Monday, January 12, 2009


Sunday after lunch Ryan & I spent some time outside, how couldn't we with such beautiful weather? I'm getting so excited for spring, (currently booking Spring shoots!) and had to get out in the fresh air. We both brought our cameras, and I decided to get on the other end of the camera for a change and allow someone special to capture some glimpses of me. I think Ryan did a wonderful job, and that says a lot as I'm uneasy with a lens in my face.
Thanks RYAN!!!

^ His and my favorite! ^

haha, this is such a kid face! ^ I made this as a little girl all the time.

Here he is! I think he should be my assistant photographer.

May I say how cute my shoes are?!

and here we are. : ) we make a wonderful team!


Katelynne Lowensen said...

ok so i absolutely am in love with the third one. you are so beautiful =) love you girl. and miss you tons. im going to have to come visit soon. oh wait i will of course see you at the wedding duh =) hehe yay!

luke said...

well, needless to say, i believe you've officially replaced me as ryan's special photographer. be sure to take crappy pictures of him. you've got small shoes to fill.

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